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It’d be hard to come across a person who doesn’t love music. Yes, it’s also true that some people don’t like music at all, but most people prefer listening to music when they’re not feeling alright.

Listening to music could be beneficial to people of all ages, including both kids and grown-ups. It helps elevate mood, reduces stress, and also eases pain. Research has shown that it’s also healthy for your heart.

But, not everybody fancy listening to the genre.

What we mean by that is some people like EDM, some prefer Hip Hop, some are crazy about Pop music, and some love listening to Rock.

This article is about that last pick—rock music.

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Devil's Hollow Discography

Speaking of the genres, do you love rock music?

If you replied in the affirmative, chances are you’ve heard about the famous rock band called “Devil’s Hollow”.

Sounds familiar, right?

Let’s give you some insights about this band.

Devil’s Hollow is a blues-funk sextet based in San Marcos, TX. It was founded in 2007. Apart from playing funk, they also loved letting their fans enjoy Roots Rock.

Currently, there are six members in the band whose names have been provided below.


  • Justin Murray
  • Matt Cain
  • Jimmy Hartman
  • Nick Doe
  • Tom Raines
  • Mike Zeoli

Every member is good at what they do in the group like singing vocals, playing piano, organ, bass, drums, percussion, etc.

Ever since their existence, the band has released many great albums and inspired its fans. A few from their discography includes the following titles:


  • Devil’s Hollow (released in 2010)
  • Live at Brewster Street 5/31/10 (released in 2013)
  • See My Baby (released in 2014)
  • Traffic Jam (released in 2015)

They (the band) have been recognized by the mainstream media as well. The “Americana Music Times” describes them as a “Force”.

Apart from releasing music, they’ve also released music videos and done several live performances.

If you always have been a huge fan of “Devil’s Hollow”, that’s great, however, if you never heard of them before, it’s about time you check their music or videos on any music platform you love.


The domain of the band, whose jamming quality has always been a hands-down, has now been acquired by Ukulele Advice.

Ukulele Advice will now be putting the domain to its good use so the fans could continue to feed their curiously about the band—Devil’s Hollow.

For more updates, keep an eye on the blog segment.